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The journal

EJPAP is an online peer reviewed journal which stems from the experience of the Cultural Society Pragma, and it will be published twice a year. It is accessible  on line and access is free.

EJPAP publishes articles which explore the American tradition in philosophy, with a special focus on pragmatism and on the relationships of pragmatism to the European tradition. Both historically minded and present-oriented papers are welcomed. EJPAP promotes exploration of interdisciplinary issues and approaches and favors the mutual dialogue among different philosophical traditions. To that extent, EJPAP welcomes contributions dealing with any field of philosophical inquiry: epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphysics and philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and action, ethics, aesthetics, social & political philosophy.

EJPAP offers worldwide scholars a reliable source for state of the art research through the publication of high quality research works. It provides also a shared platform for exchanging ideas, sharing research interests, framing research networks. The journal is launched with the awareness of the necessity of a common framework at the European level in order to facilitate the circulation of research outcomes among scholars speaking more than twenty different national languages but often working on very similar topics.

Each issue of EJPAP will generally be composed of three sections:

  • the first section – Symposia – presents a series of articles devoted to the exploration of a specific theme and is generally associated to a call for papers that will appear in the Forthcoming section of the journal and will stay open at least six months;

  • the second section – Essays – publishes a selection of the papers received by the journal in the former six or twelve months. Selection of papers is done by a peer review committee. Papers should be sent to EJPAP following the instructions available in the Manuscript & Submission section of the journal;

  • the third section – Reviews – publishes reviews of recently published works concerning topics covered by the journal. This section is intended at making accessible works written in European languages and liable to receive little audience outside the range of speakers of that language, but reviews of any book concerning Pragmatism and American philosophy are welcomed. Submission of Reviews should be done according to instructions available in the Manuscript & Submission section of the journal.

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